Green Roofs and Brown Roofs

Most people will be familiar with the concept of green roofs (also known as living roofs). These have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over the last few years due to the wide range of benefits that they provide. These include:

  • Reduced rainwater runoff
  • Enhanced roof insulation properties
  • Attractive visual appearance
  • Reduction in urban heat island effect
  • Enhances roof lifespan by protecting underlying waterproofing system
  • Provide green space in urban areas
  • Encourage biodiversity

What are Brown Roofs?

Brown roofs are similar to green roofs in that they share many of the same benefits and construction methods. However, when a brown roof is designed, the overriding aim is to encourage biodiversity. Specific biodiversity aims can include:

  • Maximise the number of species (biodiversity) living on the rooftop
  • Provide a habitat for a specific species (e.g. a threatened species living on a brownfield site that a building is being constructed on)

It is a general misconception that the term “brown roof” describes the colour of the roof. Because brown roofs usually utilise local soil and spoil to provide the substrate for the roof, the roof will often initially be brown in colour. However, over time plant species will grow over this substrate and the end result will be a green-coloured roof – albeit one that nature has had a large hand in “designing.” The photographs below compare the look of brown roofs immediately after construction with that of brown roofs that have been allowed to colonise for two years:

Brown roof during construction
Brown roof after construction
Brown roof after two years
Brown roof after two years
During Construction
After Construction
After two years
After two years

Brown roofs are very flexible in their design and can be tailored to meet the requirements of clients and architects as well as to meet specific sustainability targets. For example, a basic brown roof could utilise recycled material and spoil from a local building site to attract wildlife that may have lost it’s habitat due to urban expansion GTArcade. Local wildlife could then be left to colonise the roof over a period of time with minimal human intervention. At the other end of the scale a more complex project might include the following elements designed to increase the potential for biodiversity and/or to provide a habitat for specific target species:

  • Water pools
  • Logs to provide a habitat for insects invertebrates
  • Plants indigenous to the area
  • Wetland areas for the establishment of mosses and lichens
  • Boulders and stones
  • Seeding of indigenous plants
  • Land forms created to provide different landscape levels

It should be noted, that all brown roof systems should use a high percentage of recycled products. Most materials used in the implementation of a brown roof can be up to 100% recycled. With the careful selection of products, it is possible to reach this percentage. Suppliers and manufacturers should also be able to provide certification to substantiate this. However if this is not possible, you should expect at the very minimum 40% recycled products.

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The only online magazine providing real and trustable answers for the question how long did the holocaust last?

The genocide organized by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi army which wiped out approximately 6 million Jews and 5000 Jewish communities in Europe along with a lot of oppressed groups of homosexuals is known as the Holocaust. You can find the major incidents of the Holocaust from various magazines and websites. However, the The Mag Reader is the only magazine that provides even the tiny details about how long did the Holocaust last  . With the sophisticated police and military force, Hitler had killed everyone who criticized his policies after assuming his dictatorial powers in 1933. In order to solve the problems made by Hitler and the Nazi government to Jews and the oppressed people of Europe, the representatives from 32 countries had organized a committee in France in the year 1938. 887 pbn
The Jews were taken to the closed areas and were shot to death by the Nazis and thrown into open graves. The Holocaust is also known as the final solution. At the phase of the Second World War, the conditions of the Jews and the oppressed class people in Europe had become so pathetic and dreadful. Apart from the mass murders done by Hitler and the Nazi army, many had died from the horrid conditions of no food and water.

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What is the slowest car in the world?

The famous MAG READER is a free online magazine which gives accurate data, unlike other websites. It was started and is successfully being run by a team of well qualified and trained professionals, who have great craze about posting new things which people have never heard about. You can call them true admirers of technology and technical inventions, and the researches made in medical history. They display interesting articles on useful topics, which are mainly based on health, beauty, fitness, wealth and recent inventions, which are famous enough to be noticed.  The recent topic discussed by them is” what is the slowest car in the world  what is the slowest car in the world   ”.887 pbn

Peel P50 was the smallest and slowest car launched for the first time in the year 1962-63. The company started manufacturing the vehicle in two versions.  One version of the Peel P50 was petrol and the other one was electric vehicle, which means you need to charge the battery of the vehicle. The car has only one seating possible with a space to keep one shopping bag. It was manufactured by Peel Engineering Company. The production plant of the Peel P50 is situated in Sutton- in- Ashfield, England.  The great Peel P50 by Peel Engineering Ltd. is just 54 inches long and 39 inches wide, and has the weight of approximately 59 kilograms which is equal to 130 lb. considering its size and the light weight; Guinness Book of World Records listed the car as the smallest production automobile in the year 2010.

You can follow them on face book; twitter; g+; in; you tube; etc. They also request their followers and readers, to give feedback for their work, so that they can make necessary improvements and give their readers the desired information, which they would be looking for.

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At Armada, they believe that an organized plan of action is the most successful way to approach a move. With over 85 years of moving experience, they know how to help their value added customers. All of their moving tips are created to not only make moving easier for you but to help protect the history of what is packed in your boxes.  Here, each tip is carefully designed to guide you through each phase of the moving process. By using their structured moving plan, you will always have a detailed map of where you are going during your move.Armada Moving Company

From Moving Companies Fort Collins  each room in your home to making provisions for pets, they cover every aspect of the moving process to help make your move much easier. They offer great tips on how to pack fragile items, electronics, large pieces of art, as well as how to ship pianos, cars, boats and motorcycles.  Moving usually involves a lot of steps, leaving many wondering where to begin.  The staff agent experts are well-trained, and they know how to handle any issue that arrives during a move.

As you go through your moving guide, feel free to ask us questions. As their professionals are always ready to answer you. And that is one of the many great advantages you have with Armada Moving Company. They understand that they are shipping more than just your car; your road trips and your summer vacations. All of the moving tips given by them are created to not only make moving easier for you, but to help protect the history of what is packed in your boxes. They very well recognize that they are moving more than just the appliances in your kitchen. They are moving memories of family dinners and celebrations.

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The introduction of internet and smartphone has made way to lots of chatting websites and software. Lots of people are using the online dating websites and applications to meet with others and have a good time. One such website which can help you get the best free singles chat service is the miumeet. The website helps you to find the right person to you with whom you can chat and enjoy your time. 756 bp

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NURSES PRO: The Travel nurse agency

NURSES PRO is an agency which was founded by Kashif Aftab, he was always aware of how important the nurses are in any hospital, as he grew up seeing nurses around him. Later in 2003 he started his own IT  and through his working experience he realized that increasing the salary of his workers, increased the rate of production, which in turn increased the profit rate of the company. He later tried to apply the same principle in the field of nursing and to his surprise the principle worked out greatly in this field too. When he spoke to the nurses he found out that even though there was critical shortage of nurses, the working nurses on the front lines were not even paid properly, which made him more serious and therefore he started NURSES PRO.  750

NURSES PRO has become world’s best Nurse Staffing Agency where you are treated as the Hero. Hero because here you are the boss, as you are independent and get full freedom to chose the area and plans with which you like to work with.  They And you will get immediate hike on your earnings, and also get access to hundreds of open positions across the nation, enjoy top- facilities in the entire nursing industry, and also get additional allowance.  They are in this field for many years and hence understand the needs and requirements of the nurses as well as hospitals very well and hence provide the best travel nurse agency service.



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The is the ultimate one you should opt for the best christening plates ever

Each plate measures around twenty one centimeter in diameter. The basic model of white bone china christening plates with any kind of design and wordings will cost you about £17.50. If you demand for a colored rim like yellow, blue or pink, the costs will raise up to £20.00. If two gold or silver bands are opted for, the cost will range from £22.50. The gift box that is optional will cost around £3.50.743

The postage for per plate depends on what address you opt for, i.e. £3.95 to a UK address, £6.00 to any European address and £9.00 to the rest of the world. We are proud to let you know that our business first began with the making of ceramic greeting cards where we used to pour liquid clay into a mould, smoothen the edges, glazing the cards and decorating it onto the china. We used to write the messages through a specialized pen that wrote on china.

But as the technology excelled, we too have adopted the modern methods of manufacturing the christening plates and ceramic greetings. The process we carry on is same as the one used to decorate your coffee mug or your dinner plate. Simply perfect and permanent decoration is provided that will never vanish. We also offer you a smart gift box that is satin lined, if you want to store the christening plate or gift it to someone.

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