Green Roofs and Brown Roofs

Most people will be familiar with the concept of green roofs (also known as living roofs). These have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over the last few years due to the wide range of benefits that they provide. These include:

  • Reduced rainwater runoff
  • Enhanced roof insulation properties
  • Attractive visual appearance
  • Reduction in urban heat island effect
  • Enhances roof lifespan by protecting underlying waterproofing system
  • Provide green space in urban areas
  • Encourage biodiversity

What are Brown Roofs?

Brown roofs are similar to green roofs in that they share many of the same benefits and construction methods. However, when a brown roof is designed, the overriding aim is to encourage biodiversity. Specific biodiversity aims can include:

  • Maximise the number of species (biodiversity) living on the rooftop
  • Provide a habitat for a specific species (e.g. a threatened species living on a brownfield site that a building is being constructed on)

It is a general misconception that the term “brown roof” describes the colour of the roof. Because brown roofs usually utilise local soil and spoil to provide the substrate for the roof, the roof will often initially be brown in colour. However, over time plant species will grow over this substrate and the end result will be a green-coloured roof – albeit one that nature has had a large hand in “designing.” The photographs below compare the look of brown roofs immediately after construction with that of brown roofs that have been allowed to colonise for two years:

Brown roof during construction
Brown roof after construction
Brown roof after two years
Brown roof after two years
During Construction
After Construction
After two years
After two years

Brown roofs are very flexible in their design and can be tailored to meet the requirements of clients and architects as well as to meet specific sustainability targets. For example, a basic brown roof could utilise recycled material and spoil from a local building site to attract wildlife that may have lost it’s habitat due to urban expansion GTArcade. Local wildlife could then be left to colonise the roof over a period of time with minimal human intervention. At the other end of the scale a more complex project might include the following elements designed to increase the potential for biodiversity and/or to provide a habitat for specific target species:

  • Water pools
  • Logs to provide a habitat for insects invertebrates
  • Plants indigenous to the area
  • Wetland areas for the establishment of mosses and lichens
  • Boulders and stones
  • Seeding of indigenous plants
  • Land forms created to provide different landscape levels

It should be noted, that all brown roof systems should use a high percentage of recycled products. Most materials used in the implementation of a brown roof can be up to 100% recycled. With the careful selection of products, it is possible to reach this percentage. Suppliers and manufacturers should also be able to provide certification to substantiate this. However if this is not possible, you should expect at the very minimum 40% recycled products.

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There are many medical courses which have been designed to train nurses. Upon taking the training the nurses will be well versed in the nursing topics and hence they can serve the patients more accurately. This in turn increases the success rate in medical science, which indirectly serves the nation. A special program has been started in STNA Classes in Columbus . STNA stands for State Tested Nurse Aide; it is a health department program which is undertaken to educate nurses and practitioners. Here they teach nursing related subjects like how to handle the patients,  how to communicate with them, mobility, interpersonal skills, basic nursing skills, legal issues, social services, mental health, safety and security, aging, death, hygiene, grooming, nurse aide rolls, signs and symptoms of the diseases, etc . They not only give theoretical training but also undertake clinical labs, to give practical training to the learners.753 bp

The classes last for 75 hours and have three batches and flexible timings, so that many people can take the benefits. The batches are dividing into morning batch, evening batch and weekend batch. For all of these three batches they have same fee structure which includes $ 100 deposit upon application, which is applied to the total balance due for the class. Applicants must also pay $ 35 for books and $ 25 for uniform. Therefore the total fees accounts for $ 160 for the completion of this course.   Fees need to be paid either by credit cards or debit cards.


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NURSES PRO is an agency which was founded by Kashif Aftab, he was always aware of how important the nurses are in any hospital, as he grew up seeing nurses around him. Later in 2003 he started his own IT  and through his working experience he realized that increasing the salary of his workers, increased the rate of production, which in turn increased the profit rate of the company. He later tried to apply the same principle in the field of nursing and to his surprise the principle worked out greatly in this field too. When he spoke to the nurses he found out that even though there was critical shortage of nurses, the working nurses on the front lines were not even paid properly, which made him more serious and therefore he started NURSES PRO.  750

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Each plate measures around twenty one centimeter in diameter. The basic model of white bone china christening plates with any kind of design and wordings will cost you about £17.50. If you demand for a colored rim like yellow, blue or pink, the costs will raise up to £20.00. If two gold or silver bands are opted for, the cost will range from £22.50. The gift box that is optional will cost around £3.50.743

The postage for per plate depends on what address you opt for, i.e. £3.95 to a UK address, £6.00 to any European address and £9.00 to the rest of the world. We are proud to let you know that our business first began with the making of ceramic greeting cards where we used to pour liquid clay into a mould, smoothen the edges, glazing the cards and decorating it onto the china. We used to write the messages through a specialized pen that wrote on china.

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Know and understand the benefits of using window blinds

If you are looking for one effective and a quick way of changing the look of your house, then choosing the right window blinds is very important. You might ask yourself a question, why just window blinds, why not curtains? In this article, we bring across some of the reasons as to why you need to opt for blinds instead of any drapes or curtains. 

Let us now learn about the five important benefits of using these blinds. They are:

  1. Blinds help regulate the light which enters the room: You can cover the complete window or a part of it using the right kind of blinds. These are an ideal fit when you need to use them in rooms which have home theatres.
  2. Available in a number of colors and patterns: The window blinds are available in a number of colours and patterns to choose from. You can match them easily with your interiors.
  3. Made with a wide range of materials: These blinds are now days being made with a number of materials like wood or false wood. You can also find metal blinds or also those which are made of plastic.
  4. Provides complete privacy: The level of privacy which is obtained using these blinds is not available when you use the regular curtains. With various shades, you can adjust the shades on the top so that it lets in some natural light.
  5. Quite Easy to Maintain: Most of the window blinds hardly need any maintenance. You can refer to the catalog before you plan to clean them as the procedure of cleaning depends on the kind of the material which is used to make these blinds. Normally you can wipe them or dust them to keep them clean and dust free.

So, now that you need know the advantages of these blinds, it is time you choose the right one for your home.


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Made to measure Blinds – Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a subcategory of the very similar Persian blinds. Like the latter, the slats are made of plastic or metal. Sometimes, wooden slats are incorporated. In the United States, though, this material would make them become referred to as wood blinds or sometimes as bamboo blinds. Unlike the Persian blinds, in which the slats are connected by string, Venetian blinds are connected by strips of cloth, and which are called tapes, or by cords. In both, the slats can be rotated almost 180°.

There are lift cords that pass through each slat. By pulling or lifting these cords, you can raise some or all of the slats, as the slats underneath the original, lifted slat are also raised. In this way, you can manually adjust how much light is shown, and where it is shown. 

The history of Venetian blinds is somewhat unknown. The generally accepted originator of these blinds is England which documented it by making patents on it in the 1760s. However, the French knew about this much earlier. The most logical (due to its name) explanation is that the early Venetians, who were greatly skilled in trade, brought it over from Persia (and hence the similarity in features and appearance), and then shared it in France.


More recently, it has become known throughout the world. Radio City Music Hall and the Empire State Building used Venetian blinds throughout their buildings when they completed. The latter was very good news to the Burlington Venetian Blind Company of Burlington, Vermont which supplied the thousands and thousands of made to measure blinds.


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Fat is deposited mainly on thighs, abdomen, neck, arms, etc giving an ugly look. Fat when present in optimum amount is good for health but when it exceeds optimum amount it pose harm to our body. Excess fat not only cause many diseases but also gives you an ugly looking figure. And hence we well shame to roam or participate in public functions. There are many drugs available in market of different compositions and companies and hence while choosing drugs you need to be very carefully, as our body can react inversely to the drug and give harmful results which might be un- recoverable. qw

Phen 375 is a famous drug which helps in getting rid of unwanted fats from body, and hence is known as miracle drug by many. The drug is manufactured in U S, and is approved by FDA and therefore it is safe to be used. The drug mainly acts as suppressor of appetite and hence avoids people from eating more, because of which there is less fat deposition in our body. The drug is total safe for all age group people.

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