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Green/Brown Roofs:

CIRIA – “Building Greener” – guidance document C644 on green roofs and walls includes advice on creating green roofs for biodiversity.

Natural England – Promote the use of green and brown roofs as part of their drive to create a “Green Infrastructure.”


DEFRA – The UK Government’s position on the promotion of biodiversity.

UKBAP – UK Biodiversity Action Plan.

Biodiversity Scotland – Website promoting biodiversity in Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government.

Convention on Biological Diversity – The official website of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Postcode Plant Finder – Web-based service provided by the Natural History Museum in conjunction with Flora for Fauna. Produces a list of plants considered to be local to the postcode entered.

Sustainable Materials:

WRAP – Organisation promoting the recycling of waste materials. Publish a directory of construction products containing recycled materials.
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