All You Need to Know About Skylights

If you have already decided to purchase a skylight and make so great addition to your home, you should keep in mind that the process is not that simple. How to choose the right skylight for the house? What are the most important characteristics? How many windows and what size should you use? This article will help you choose the best models of skylights for your loft space.


What are skylights?

If you want to contribute to the energy efficiency and comfort of your attic area, if you want to find an excellent source of natural light, then roof skylights will be the best solution for you. A skylight is a type of a roof window which allows natural light to come into the building. It can add a sense of spaciousness and style to the room. The term is rather generic and may refer to a variety of products which may differ in scale, functionality and application.

Modern skylights are represented by a wide variety of models. Depending on the geographic location of the whole building, the shape and material of the roof covering, the functional purpose of the attic itself, you can choose the option of windows and the necessary accessories for the roof windows, which will better take into account the needs and taste preferences of the customer. So let’s take a closer look at the most widespread types of skylights and some tips on how to make the right choice.

Skylights Buying Guide

So what things should you consider first when buying skylights? The skylights are very different and not all of them are suitable for your roof. Pay attention to the type of your roof and the particular place where you want your skylight to be installed. These types of roof windows may be glazed in different materials such as plastic or glass. Which one appeals to you the most? Plan everything carefully! Think of the purpose, placement, size and shape, any additional accessories or options that you will need.

Taking into account all those factors, you will have to choose a particular type of skylights. Modern manufacturers offer two main variations according to the type of your roof – for a flat and for a pitched roof. But in fact, there are much more of them. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Types of pitched roof skylights

It happened so that the contemporary construction industry is actively developing bringing new technologies and materials. Similarly, the roof windows have acquired significant additions, upgrades and improvements. Pitched roof skylights are the most common option when we deal with installing skylights into the roof. They can be of two main types:

Top hung skylights

Top hung pitched roof skylights will provide the homeowner with the best view possible and will let the most of the daylight into the room. They are usually operated with a handle which is located as a rule in the bottom of the window. That is why such windows are very convenient to open and close. Most of them have the function of rotating thought 180 degrees. So you will have a possibility to clean it from both sides very and very easily. Non-standard sizes are almost always available on request.

top hung skylight
side hung skylight

Side hung skylights

As a rule, side hung skylights are used when you need to provide an easy and safe access to the roof. This function is useful especially in case of emergency. But it is also used to let in daylight and fresh air. Usually, manufacturers provide side hung windows in a variety of materials and finishes which allows you to find a skylight which will suit the style of your home perfectly.

Do not forget to ask your skylight supplier about the additional accessories which you may need to make the use of the window even more easy and convenient. Such accessories may be roller blinds, insect screens, awnings and external roller shutters, telescopic or automatic window control which can be wall switch or remote, etc.

Flat roof skylights

If you have a house with the flat roof, then almost all the well-known window manufacturers have the ideal solutions for you such as flat roof skylights. Having such windows, you can improve greatly any space with daylight. This type of flat roof windows is considered to be easy to install in the shortest time. When buying flat roof skylights, you should pay attention to the frame’s insulation. In this case you will receive the best protection against heat loss and your home will be more cosy and comfortable and of course much warmer.

So do not hesitate to make dramatic improvements to your home by using flat roof skylights.

flat roof skylight
skylight roller blind

Skylight blinds

If you want to install a skylight in the living space to let in the daylight, you should think about preventing unnecessary light from illuminating the room. And one of the effective solutions may be skylights blinds. Usually, stores provide a wide variety of colours and fabrics for skylight blinds. In addition, the blinds should be made for a particular window manufacturer. So when ordering blinds do not forget to indicate your window manufacturer, skylight’s sizes and other requirements important to you. In such case, you will get a made-to-measure solution which will fit perfectly to your skylight and you will receive a wonderful “climate control” – do not let heat out in winter and prevent too much heat in winter.

How do I know which skylight to choose?

When deciding which of the above options is the most suitable for you and before ordering a skylight, try to answer the following questions:

  • Where will it be located?
  • What size of skylight do you need?
  • What skylight type do you need - for a pitched or flat roof?
  • Do you have any requirements for the glass specification?
  • Does the skylight need to open?
  • Do you want to control the light level?
  • Which accessories do you need?
  • What styles and finishes would you prefer?
  • Do you want to install it yourself?

Then, just contact a reliable skylight supplier, and the consultants will help you to make a right choice basing on the information provided by you. Sunlux Roof Windows offers a wide choice of skylights manufactured by such famous companies as Velux, Fakro, Sunlux, OptiLook and others.

Watch this video and you will get to know more about the company.

You can be sure that with Sunlux Roof Windows’ high-quality products will make your room much brighter and will give it an overall airier feel.